Sunshine — Shelter

Location: Wayne, New Jersey

This is Sunshine. Sunshine was originally called Snowball because as a puppy, she was pure white. Sunshine originally came from a high kill shelter in North Carolina. She was hours away from being euthanized. A rescue from North Shore Animal Shelter came and rescued her and 29 other dogs and transported them to Long Island, NY.

I adopted Sunshine when she was 10 months old and she became an integral/important/special member of our family.

This is why Sunshine deserves the hero dog award. We had my 97 year old grandma living with us at the time and we needed a dog that would be gentle with her and Sunshine clicked with her right away. Sunshine always stayed by her side. If my grandma had to go into the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc., Sunshine would walk next to her and waited for her and walked her back. Sunshine alerted us on several occasions when my grandma was sick and needed help. My grandma always referred to Sunshine as her angel and for 5 yrs, Sunshine was there for my grandma, always at her side, protecting, supporting & loving her until my grandma passed away in 2012.

Sunshine is an amazing dog. She has protected me on hikes several times from certain people & her love of hikes/outdoors is amazing. At almost 13, she can still hike 6 miles. She’s a companion, adventure partner, hiker, protector and cuddle buddy. Her perseverance and motivation is incredible. She overcame many difficulties as a puppy and turned into an amazing lovable/smart/special dog.