Taquito — Shelter

Location: Folsom, California

Taquito is the first chi we ever had and we had no idea how this tiny dog would grow up to have such a large but loving personality. He was saved from a not so healthy environment and naturally became our family hero. His small frame is deceiving when he’s at full alert to protect his family! He’s happiest when he’s with family doing anything family is doing. If we’re binge watching TV, he’s there. If we’re bike riding, he’s in the basket. If we’re out on a lake, he and his life vest is in the boat. He knows when a family member isn’t feeling well. Whether it’s knee or neck surgery, a bad cold, sadness or just a bad day Taquito knows to cuddle and bring some comfort. He’s even patient when a new rescue comes to live and share his home. He graciously shares his toys and humans. He’s as patient as can be when a new outfit gets showcased on him. He proudly prances to show off his new clothes. One of his cutest features is the way he snores once into a relaxed and comfortable sleep. He’s very selective as to who he chooses to bond with. The select few are always honored. He’s everyone’s hero! 🐾♥️