Teysen — Service

Location: Portage, Michigan

My name is Teysen, and I am a Service Dog from Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs in Florida. Guardian Angels taught me all kinds of ways to use my sensitive nose and natural born talents to help people.

Now that I’ve learned so much, I’m the constant companion of Tommy; a veteran who struggles with the effects of PTSD. I help Tommy with lots of things, like shielding him in public spaces, so he doesn’t have so many panic attacks; and waking him up when he has nightmares, so he can fall back into a more restful and dream-free sleep.

I make him smile when he needs it; and while Tommy can be pretty quiet and guarded, I am outgoing and friendly, and help him talk to people. When I sense Tommy is getting upset, I get his attention, and re-focus his thoughts, so he can think about happier things. Tommy loves having me around, and says he can go more places because I’m there. I always hope one of the places is the park, so we can play catch together. Tommy would tell you that life is a lot better since I’m with him, but I just know that I love him, because he’s my human!

Tommy says: He has fit into my home and family like he has always been here. He loves me, and never leaves my side. When I first got him, his strong personality took a little getting used to, but now, he is my buddy. No matter what type of mood I am in, he makes me laugh. I can truly tell you that I love Teysen and GAMSD did a perfect job of pairing him and I.”