Thor — Shelter

Location: Sneedville, Tennessee

We took in a pregnant shelter dog and she had puppies with us. One of them was Thor, our current dog. He grew up with us having to adopt him because we had his mom when she birthed him and we were allowed to keep a pup if we wanted. Great choice for us considering he has quite literally saved my life multiple times but the most obvious was when I was at a gas station getting ready to get gas. I had pumped my had and then was going to pay. Came back out and while walking to my car I suddenly hear my dog growling from the driver’s seat of my car. I had left the window down for him so before I could figure out why he was growling, he was out the window and running to/by me. A man had come up behind me about to grab me and he took off once my dog came out and went after him. He stopped as soon as I told him to come to me. But I know he saved my life that day.

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