Tia Marie — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pilots N Paws
Location: Cannon Falls, Minnesota

Tia-Marie is a 14 year old paralyzed miniature pincher who was rescued by Midwest animal rescue and given another chance at life. Tia’s story: Around 6 years old in 2008 by Rockford, Illinois a bad person threw her from their moving car and left to die. Fortunately someone witnessed this act of cruelty and helped her. They brought Tia to the local shelter. Unfortunately incident left her paralyzed from the hips down and no feeling in her legs. She has to expressed often or she is prone to bladder infections. From there she lived part of her life with different fosters. On the day of 12/12/15 Tia-Marie came into our lives. We were thinking that we were helping a helpless handycap girl. However it didn’t take long to learn that she was a very special girl. Even after all the painful acts she has endured from the human hand, Miss Tia-Marie’s strong will and passion and ability to foregive continues by offering so much Joy and Love to everyone she interacts with. She loves people and teaches others life is what you make of it. In our lives we personally have never met any living being that has inspired so many smiles and warm responses online and in person. Miss Tia-Marie has shown us what true love, determination, strength, and passion is. Tia has not left our side since that day we brought her onto our home even going to work with us.

Mom & Dad