Tinkie — Shelter

Location: Dallas, Texas

Tinkie was picked up on the streets of Fort Worth. She was taken to a kill shelter. She was abused in breeding litter after litter and had to have surgery to have mammory tumors removed. She tried to bite me the day I rescued her from the shelter. On the way back to Dallas she jumped in my lap and showed me how much she needed love. Tink is a tiny hero who has replaced fear, abuse, and sickness with courage, love and obedience. She is the best pet you could ask for. She is a tiny love bug. She loves her stuffed animals. She never had any toys. Tink never learned any commands. She is smart and understands a lot of things. It takes a lot of courage for an abused dog to trust you and receive love. They never had it. A hero for being brave when all they know is abuse. She minds and is a very sweet & loving dog.

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