Tito — Shelter

Location: Emory, Texas

At some point in Tito’s life, he was shot. Eventually, he became unable to walk and was then left to lay in his own waste until he developed severe urine scalding. At that point, his previous owner tied him in a black trash bag, put him in the trash can and stacked garbage on top of him. Fortunately, the trash collector noticed Tito’s cries for help and called Animal Control to the scene. Shockingly, Tito’s shelter intake photo included the trash bag he was removed from. Although Tito was a “cruelty Case”, he was quickly added to the shelter’s urgent list. When Pound Pals heard of Tito’s plight, they immediately intervened. Due to the abuse and neglect he had endured, Tito had physical and emotional issues to work through but he has met each challenge head on. I can’t imagine enduring all that Tito did and still having the heart to trust and love any human. Tito is truly an inspiration. He is a constant reminder that all shelter dogs deserve a chance and I am glad that Pound Pals gave him one. I hope that his story inspires others not to over look a death row dog simply because he is old, black, has special needs or was failed by a previous owner, he just might be a diamond in the ruff, like our handsome boy, Tito, is!