Toki — Shelter

Location: Stratford, Oklahoma

Toki was rescued when someone tossed her out on the street when she was 4 weeks old. She wasn’t rescued from a shelter but that is where she would have ended up if she was 6 months old since the shelters here will not take any dog younger than 6 months. We determined she is a Dutch Shepherd. She is the best watch dog. She is my hero because my husband is a long haul trucker and is gone for weeks. Toki is very protective of me. She is cautious of strangers. Once she gets to know someone she protects them as well. She is very special to me. She came to me a year after I had lost my sweet boy Football to pancreatitis. I do believe Football sent her to me. She has a lot of the antics Football used to have. I named her Tokala which means fox in the Lakota language. She looked like a little fox. I call her Toki for short. I couldn’t ask for a better watch dog, friend, and companion. I may have saved Toki from the streets but she saved me from depression. For these reasons she is my hero.