Vixen — Shelter

Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin

Vixen is a four year old medium mixed breed and even though we don’t know what kind of mutt she is, we know she’s saved someone’s life. She does this everyday. Vixen was found as a stray mother dog in Alabama, and was transported to Wisconsin in January 2018. She ran away from her first adopted family which resulted in her being returned to her foster family. Finally, on March 10th, Andrew met Vixen. Vixen was shy and very well inside her shell, but something told Andrew she was the one. Andrew adopted her that day and took her home. Andrew was nervous about such a large commitment, even though they had previously applied for a service dog & been passed over. Prepping for over half a year for a dog, Andrew was hoping to find emotional support from a canine as well as assistance for disability. Andrew has a history of suicidal thoughts, self harm, mental illness, & is hearing impaired. // Fast forward to why Vixen should have an American Humane Hero Dog Award, Vixen is responsible for saving Andrew’s life every day. The bond between them is immeasurable and unbreakable, so much that Andrew has seen decreased suicidal thoughts and actions over the 10 months Vixen has been a part of Andrew’s life. Andrew knows that Vixen trusts Andrew to be there through thick and thin. Vixen is the only thing worth living for some days, and takes this responsibility with ease. Vixen truly rescued, and continues to rescue, Andrew.

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