Winnie — Therapy

Charity Partner: Pet Partners
Location: Greensboro, North Carolina

Winnie was born at a puppy mill shut down by local law enforcement and the North Carolina Humane Society. When I took her home, she was in such poor health that she almost did make it. Thankfully, with extensive medical attention and lots of love, Winnie slowly recovered. I brought her to work with me every day and the uplifting effect of her presence in the office was amazing and I realized that Winnie’s incredible affection for strangers had potential to touch lives in a special way. We enrolled in obedience classes and a year later, we passed our Pet Partners evaluation and started volunteering as a therapy dog team.

Winnie is six years old now and has truly found her calling as a therapy dog. She walks around the halls of the Children’s Hospital with an impressive sense of purpose and puts a smile of the face of almost everyone who sees her. She is remarkably affectionate, gentle and tolerant. She adapts well to new environments and her intuition never fails to amaze me. If a child is excited to see her, she will be engaging and playful and if a child is hurting, she is will be still and calming. The bond that she has with children is truly heartwarming.

Winnie received her AKC TDDT for completing more than 400 days of therapy dog visits. We are dedicated to celebrating the incredible bond between people and animals and raising awareness about the great work of therapy dogs everywhere.