Xaverie — Guide / Hearing

Charity Partner: Freedom Guide Dogs
Location: Berlin, New Hampshire

Being born blind and autistic, I have always had difficulty communicating or being social with others. My pet dogs were my only interest. Through them, I developed a strong passion for dogs who eventually became my best friends. Xaverie was brought into my life in August 2017. Simply by chance, one of my community associates had a family member who was a puppy raiser and referred me to apply for a Guide dog. The thought of having a dog by my side when I did my community volunteering was exciting. Dogs were my passion. I currently volunteer in the community 5 days a week participating in various social activities and Xaverie is by my side everyday. Since Xaverie came into my life, my communication and socialization skills with others greatly improved often using Xaverie as a choice of topic in conversation. I am more confident in myself to approach new obstacles and travel independently with less fear. Xaverie has shown me the responsibilities in care and well being of her that only I can provide gaining some more of my own independence and responsibilities. Once a week, we attend a daycare center where I read a short story brailled book to the children. I also use this time to introduce Xaverie along with education and explanation of the importance of Guide Dogs and their purpose. The kids are very interested and understand the “no touch” rule of all service dogs. I can’t imagine my life without Xaverie by my side. She helped me expand my boundaries. Xaverie is my Hero Dog.

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