Xena — Shelter

Location: Concord, North Carolina

This little pup was found a couple weeks old on the side of the road with all her siblings. My friend found them and housed them until he could find them a permanent home. She was the runt of the liter and the last remaining puppy until me and my boyfriend, at the time, took her for about a week to see if it was something we wanted to do forever. The first day she was with us she wouldn’t leave my side, she laid with me on the couch or bed snuggling up close to me, and just showing so much love for the life she had lived so far. It didn’t take long for us to decide she was going to be ours. We thought about names writing down a couple different ones until I came up with the name Xena. Xena to me was the television show “Xena the Warrior Princess” and I thought that was the most suitable name because she went from being a warrior on the street surviving to our little spoiled princess. Once Xena was ours, she was just so smart and easy to train, she slept in with us and didn’t wake us up at 5 AM to go to the bathroom, learned fetch relatively easily, she learned commands so quickly, and she was allowed to take walks with us off leash because although she may wonder a little due to puppy curiosity she always came when we called her. My neighbors dog is a beagle mix and gets out sometimes. One time he got out, so I took Xena outside and said “Go find your friend Dozer” she took off into the field and it was less than 5 minutes later that the two of them came running back home.